Are you new to WBC or not yet connected? Sort of connected and looking for involvement? Serving but looking for something new? There are three ways to get involved or change ministries!

1) Text (226) 210-4321,  text the word "plugmein" and then follow the instructions.

2) Email

3) Come in person to the Info Centre on Sunday mornings!

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The heart of these ministries is directed towards God by engaging the church in the Word, worship, songs, the arts etc. It may be expressed in musical gift, artistic gifts or in practical gifts like helping with video or sound.

Music Committee- Chairperson- Four Meetings/Year (Sept-May)
Carolyn Bearinger

Music Teams- Drummer, guitarists, tenor vocalist for hymn team- 1 Sunday + Practice/month
Carolyn Bearinger

Music Teams- Sound Persons (sanctuary and WBC Kids)
Jerome Bosman

Emblems Prep- A couple or 2 individuals to prep emblems for The Lord's Supper- Every Sunday for 1 out of 3/4 months
Keith & Brenda Horst

Sunday Coffee Team- Serve coffee/tea on Sunday mornings- 2 Sunday mornings/3 months
Giselle Bauman

Ushering- Ushering coordinator- Continually
Wayne Bauman

Emblems- Volunteers to pass out emblems at communion service- Every Sunday (9:30) for 3 consecutive months
Kevin Horst

Family Night- Tech help (video/audio)- Tuesday nights (Sept-April)
Ron Seabrooke

WBC Kids Music - Guitarists, keyboard, vocals and drummers for WBC Kids on Sunday mornings - one Sunday/month
Bev Wideman



The heart of these ministries is focused on relating, reaching, and connecting unbelievers and the unchurched to a relationship with Christ and the church.

Family Night - Two couples who will be present to help greet adults and children- Sept-April Weekly (6:30-8:30)
Ron Seabrooke

Missions- Helpers/organizers for outreach video series- 10 evenings, 2 times/year
Ron Seabrooke



The heart of these ministries is assimilating visitors, attenders, and members into a relationship with Christ and the church through greeting ushering , hospitality, fellowship, belonging and encouragement.

Greeters- Leader/scheduler for 2019- Sunday mornings and Christmas eve
Delford & Marlene Martin

Welcoming- New Welcomers- Every Sunday morning
Jocie Bearinger


The heart of these ministries is helping believers grow in the area of their gifts, ministry, training, and leadership. It serves a variety of life-stage and affinity-based groups for growth, accountability, and service. ( children, Youth, adults, seniors) It may involve teaching and training.

KidZone- Helpers -Tuesday nights (Sept-April)
Deb Clemmer

Junior Youth- Female General Helper- Tuesday nights (Sept-April)
Brad Martin

Quench- Youth Reps (17-22 year olds)- 1 Fri night event, 1 planning meeting/month
Rod & Jen Clemmer

Small Groups- Facilitate small group community, fellowship, care and teaching- Late September to end of March
Wayne Hockley

Plugged In- Networkers/Encouragers- Ongoing
Marty Metzger

Quench- Youth Leaders (a couple and one female, or two females and one male) - Friday night events and one planning meeting/month
Ron Seabrooke

Grade 1-6 WBC Kids - Small Group Teachers - commitments depend on role
Amy Martin


The heart of these ministries is assisting people in the church and community with their physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health through the grace, love, and resources of the kingdom. This may involve visiting, preparing meals, Stephen’s Ministry (One 2 One Care) or special groups.

Missionary Care- Individual with leadership skills to join the team, contact with missionaries throughout year
Charmaine Martel

Home Needs- New Team Member- When needs arise
Eunice Frey

Sewing Projects- Help with sewing projects- First Wednesday of most months
Mary Shantz

Funeral Care- Administrative Help- As needed
Ron Seabrooke



The heart of these ministries is freeing other people, leaders, and ministries from practical concerns so they can keep focused on their ministry goals. They involve structuring the systems and procedures to serve and support people and ministries. Key words are serving and helping.

Potluck Coordinating- Help serving food at potlucks- 1 or 2 Sunday potlucks/year
Verna Shoemaker

Accessibility Team- Member of team- 2 or 3 meetings/year
Julie Schnurr

Plan to Protect- Join the team with potential for a leadership role in the future- Meet three times a year
Don Schnurr