Coming Alongside What God Is Doing

September has flown by. We have seen God do so many things and are excited to see what He will continue to do through the rest of this school year. As mentioned in a previous update, Conestoga College in Kitchener is a college that we’re now helping at this year. We weren’t sure what was going to happen as we stepped into the role of re-launching this ministry, but God was working before we got here. We started the school year meeting with the 5 students who messaged us over the summer wanting to get involved. And each week there are more and more Christians seeking to find community on campus through Power to Change.

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This past week, Ashton* came out to our weekly meeting. He is an international student from India from a Hindu background, but has been seeking out different religions since coming to Canada. He said,

“I don’t know what my parents would think of me if they saw all the different [religious] apps on my phone that weren’t Hindu.”

But he is curious. Ashton is currently living with a group of Christians and is going to their bible study as well as Power to Change and people in his life have already shared the Gospel with him a couple times.

Pray that Ashton would understand the Gospel and accept Jesus as his Lord and Saviour before he goes home back to India.

A picture of Brock University students at Summit last year.

A picture of Brock University students at Summit last year.

Ashton is one of the 350 students from campuses across South Western Ontario going to our annual Summit retreat this weekend. Students look forward to the fun, relationships being built and learning from God’s word. Please pray that students would hear from God and trust in Him as they take faith steps coming out from the weekend.