Cara's Coming!

Please join with us to Praise God...

  • For helping each of our kids settle into their class routines.

  • For healing for Andrea after more than a week with respiratory infection.

  • For Tijin & Merin, our new colleagues from India, who have come to join the Sisaala team.

  • That Cara had a good time at the student leaders conference in Hungary.

  • Safe travels and good interactions for Phil in both Kenya and Ethiopia.

Please pray

  • For safe travel for Cara as she comes home for a mid-term break Oct 6-15.

  • For the boys at work and in class in Canada and for Liam to get a co-op job.

  • For Kieran as he looks for opportunities to complete community service hours required for his degree.

  • For Phil as he helps the SIM Guinea team with a strategic review Oct 16-23 and Andrea home in Accra.

  • For safe travel and good leader development event in Greece (Oct 29-Nov 6) where we will meet the new couple we will mentor.

Thanks for praying for us.
Phil & Andrea