Charlotte Martin - October 2018

PRAISE:  Practically it has been a smooth transition into my new role on the global missions team. I'm enjoying working with my new teammates (there are 9 of us in 3 different provinces). We were together for 2 days in September. It was a good time of bonding and I was thankful for how comfortable I felt in my role on the team.  October 2nd P2C had an international day of prayer. It was spiritually refreshing and inspirational. PRAY:  We are still looking for leaders for our a few of our summer mission trips. Pray that we could confirm the last 3 by the end of the October when all the mission trip leaders will gather together to start planning the trips. Pray for me as I help to lead and organize this time of planning.  This year I'm responsible to oversee the application processing for all of our mission trip participants. Pray that I would find one key person to help me lead this and many people to process applications. Pray that God would equip me for this area of leadership as it's new to me.