Esther Frey - November 2018

PRAISE:  80th birthday celebration.  Ebenezer. And Wallenstein finalized it with singing to me by phone connection at the hymn sing.  It meant so much. Thanks. Redid my reading glasses and there is improvement. Several students are reaching their last courses with us.  Continue to get new names. Praise God for the interest in studying His Word. PRAY:  Some physical limitations, but I got an injection in my left shoulder to ease the pain.  Will see a dermatologist Nov. 8 about spot on my forehead. Children's club attendance is dwindling.  Keep our elders in prayer as the enemy is attacking. For me to gather information about assembly work in Puerto Rico and send for the deadline the end of this month.  Want to put my apartment for sale, but need to clean it out first. May we go in the strength the Lord gives us.