Gord & Heather - November 2018

PRAISE:  Spirit of Truth Church in Toronto had a wonderful Thanksgiving day celebration! About 300 people attended the service and were served the Thanksgiving dinner after. Heather and I were the only non-Persians at the event. Probably hundred and 50 Muslims were present. I spoke on Jesus healing of the 10 lepers and the one who returned to give thanks.  We are seeing quite a bit of “bubbling” for church plants among the Ethiopian and Persian communities. PRAY:  We are in the middle of planning our next stages for teaching and training and Kenya. So this is an important decision time. Would love to have your prayer support.  Enormous changes are taking place in Ethiopia since that country has made peace with Eritrea. The church which has been growing at a tremendous pace, 1% evangelical in 1974 to 20% evangelical today, but now these churches are feeling the pressure to make peace with each other, something they don't really know how to do and also they now have a sense of presence within Ethiopia that they have no experience in dealing with. Wonderful and challenging times!