Trevor & Hannah - November 2018

PRAISE:  For a successful student leaders training day on October 27 that Trevor helped to lead. About 70 students came including 1 from WBC. The theme was "An Unchanging Gospel in an ever Changing Culture”.  For a formerly atheist student named Yang at Brock who came to faith in Christ earlier this year. He is now helping to lead our international students ministry on that campus and it was neat to hear his story at our fall retreat.  PRAY:  For our student leadership team at Western. Many of them are overwhelmed, stressed and one of them stepped down from leadership. There have been various challenges in working with them this year, so please pray.  For a tough semester emotionally as we have been navigating re-structuring and cultural changes in the midst of trying to minister on multiple campuses including one new campus for us (Conestoga College)