Jenn Brubacher - December 2018

PRAISE:  For the amazing conversations I’ve had with several drop-in youth this month about the purpose of life, what happens when we die and where we find meaning-- youth are curious; that the girls volleyball season has officially begun at the Listowel high school and I am eager to co-coach the team with my supervisor; for the opportunity to reconnect with girls who played on the team last year - we are expecting God to move in big ways as we serve these girls in His name; that God continues to bless the ministry in Minto -- new students are attending the Christian group at the high school and our student leaders team are growing in their desire and passion to make a change in their school; for the opportunity I have in January to speak at Whites Road Pentecostal Church in Harriston. God is good!  PRAY: Christmas is a very difficult season for many youth--pray they wouldn’t be lonely, they would be surrounded by community and they would be hit with the reality of Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas.