Prison Ministry Kingston June Newsletter

Last week I was having a one on one visit with Jeff* who had attended the Love and Respect program Susan and I facilitated in May.  His interest in spiritual things grew as he participated in this course based on Ephesians 5:33.  Following the completion of the program he requested one-on-one visits with me and shared his personal life story filled with struggles, hurts and losses.  

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The Bible was not new to him; however the gospel was never made clear.  In talking with him I utilized the ``Bridge to Life`` diagram and we read together the verses on sin, sin's penalty, human inadequacy, the death of Christ, and how to receive Christ as Saviour.

Before I was able to share the verses on the assurance of our salvation Jeff asked if he could pray and receive Jesus as his Saviour.  (John 1:12)  
What a thrill to hear him confess his sins and ask Jesus Christ to come into his life. 

It was a privilege to embrace my new brother in Christ. I almost forgot to share the verses on assurance!  The following Monday evening Susan and I were into the same institution doing a program in the chapel and Jeff came over to tell Susan of his salvation and this new beginning of spiritual life in Christ. 

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Pray for Jeff*: growth as a new Christian, assurance of his salvation and the possibility of him getting permission to attend our church. 

For Steve’s* salvation and an understanding of his need of forgiveness for his sin; he continues to physically deteriorate due to cancer…

For Larry*: he made a profession of faith just before Easter and was joyful in his salvation.  We haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks and we just learned that his fiancée has told him to have nothing to do with chapel services or the Bible.  This is difficult.  We pray his love for the Lord Jesus will be greater and that his fiancée will have a change of heart. * real names not used

We minister to those in prison - places of physical confinement. True freedom can be realized, however, as men cry out to the Lord and are released to know him as their personal Saviour and be adopted into God’s family.  Then even from their physical prison they can praise His name!

This month of June marks 33 years since we began serving the Lord fulltime.  He has always been faithful and present through all of the changes, the joys, and the difficulties of our lives.  We can only praise Him and give Him glory.
As we move forward adjusting to a more independent format in our prison ministry, we are thankful again for His promises, encouragement, protection and His direction through all of the adjustments.  Thank you for your prayers, your emails and the phone calls we have received as we have transitioned.  The Lord has used you to encourage us.
There is darkness inside prison walls but God still pours out His marvelous and infinite grace to those who turn their repentant hearts to him seeking forgiveness.  It is our prayer that we would faithfully present this message at every opportunity.


Robert and Susan