Esther Frey - August 2018

PRAISE:  Progress in healing of my eyesight.  Enjoying the use of my own car. Progress in getting electricity on the island - still areas without.  Camp is in progress for 30 young people, July 22-28. Two of our inmates just got released, one returned to Puerto Rico.  Two finished the 89 courses available in Spanish. Many communicating to continue their studies. Had a good work day at the chapel.  Trying to get the upstairs in shape to use it again. We have been meeting in the basement. PRAY:  This month a brother is coming to work with me in the Emmaus office.  He is praying for God's guidance in his life. We continue to pray for God's guidance for a future director.  More stability in my eyesight. Got new glasses after four months from the operation and in a month the prescription changed.  Varun and Sarah are settling into 2 years in Gainesville, Florida. They were here this weekend to finish packing and leave the room ready for guests.  Pray that someone might be interested in missions here and live with me. Also have several doctor's appointments this month. Special request for the Quintana assembly - several have left and there is no mature spiritual leadership.  Very sad.