August/September Update

Dear Christian Family at WBC,

It was good to be on the platform two Sundays ago. Thank God I’m not finished yet. I am in Stratford this Sunday.

Thank you ever so much for your love, prayers and continued financial support. Be assured of our sincere appreciation for your prayers and financial help.  We trust that the One we serve together will truly reward you in His own wonderful way.

We are doing so/so, getting older and sure noticing that. As I mentioned on Sunday, I have an appointment with a specialist at the University Hospital in London on Oct.29. Let’s hope and pray that he will be able to tell me what’s wrong with my hip and what should be done about it.

About 1100 copies of my book, “The God Who is real” have been sold in Canada, Belgium and Holland, praise God. And orders are still coming in. Pray that the book will touch many hearts.

We had two short visits from two different Belgian couples in the last two weeks. It was great to speak Flemish again and to have these dear believers in our home, it made us feel so lonely for the folk in Belgium. However, we are in touch, almost daily with believers and unbelievers over there, by email and Facebook. I corresponded with one woman and was able to help her as she saw no reason to live any longer.

May the Lord bless you all and thank you again for standing with us.

Loving greetings.

Yours, still in His service,
Richard and Marina.