Online Chat Brings Hope to Pregnant Teen

Joyce, a nineteen year old Filipino, was twenty-two weeks pregnant and desperate. Her partner was cheating on her, the relationship was ending and Joyce didn’t know what would hope she could give to the little life growing inside her. Depressed and unable to think of any other options, she searched online for help. God led her to one of our team’s pages on Facebook.

Through chatting online, Joyce connected with Patricia, one of the staff from our “Boiling Waters” strategy - an innovative, popular and locally relevant social media page for young people in the Philippines.

The conversation between Joyce and Patricia quickly turned spiritual and Patricia suggested that Joyce watch a short, 4-minute evangelistic film called #FallingPlates. In tears, touched by God’s unconditional love for her, she received Christ.

The Boiling Waters team continued to follow-up with Joyce to help her grow in her faith and her new reality as a mother. Because of their ongoing relationship, Joyce and Patricia were even able to meet face to face and see her new baby.

Erika, it’s a privilege to enable our teams all around the world to help young people like Joyce discover new life in Jesus. Thank you for your partnership in leading the next generation of digital missions.


Below: Family snapshots from a trip to Ontario, Canada this summer
- Enjoyed a Blue Jays game together
- Grew Bean Plants in Waterloo
- Meeting Russ’ nephew Eli

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