Back to Normal.. If There is Such a Thing

Please join with us to Praise God...

  • For a great few days away as a family at the beginning of August.

  • For safe travel back to Niger (Cara) and Ghana (Andrea and Phil).

  • The boys have had a good month of work - it helps pay the bills!

  • That Cara has settled in well to life at Sahel and that she has been able to enroll in the courses she needs.

  • For the way in which Andrea and Phil have been able to adjust to life and ministry in Accra.

And for the days ahead, please pray 

  • For ability to remain connected as a family despite our physical separation.

  • For wisdom and and good communication for Andrea in her Ghana and the Middle East roles..

  • For Cara as she has a busy workload this year.

  • For Cara attending a student leadership conference in Hungary the last week of the month.

  • For Kieran and Liam starting classes.

  • For Phil as he continues to grow into his new role and works to lead significant organisational change and work with SIM leaders around the world to design and pilot new ways of doing things.

  • For Phil assisting with a strategic leadership meeting in Kenya later in September.

  • That all will work well for Andrea and that she will be safe while Phil is travelling.

Thanks for praying for us.
Phil & Andrea