Esther Frey - September 2018

PRAISE: God's great provision and protection; for another Christian optometrist who examined my eyes and suggested a prescription just for reading which I will try; Brian Array spent a month with me in Emmaus, enjoyed writing comments, had his first experience visiting a prison, and is willing to come back to Puerto Rico to cover me during my Canadian stay next year, also willing to give 2 Sundays to CECU and 2 Sundays to Quintana; for a good report from my cardiologist; that our visit to the prison gave us 30 new students including the chaplain. PRAY: The month of September brings many memories of last year's hurricane and the many areas that are still needing attention, please pray that the Lord would spare this dear island, of course His will be done; for opportunities to minister to anxious people; that our anniversary weekend at the chapel will honor the Lord, either end of September or first weekend in October.