Ray & Carol - October 2019

PRAISE: Five years after having cancer, chemotherapy and multiple follow ups, I have been told 'all clear, come back in five years!' No doubt the oncologist will want to continue periodic checks, but we are very thankful to the Lord and all who prayed for us. So we continue to serve the Lord as as before. We had a good summer at guelphbiblecc.com, and other ministry opportunities. Very thankful for our WBC family and looking forward to getting back to the Bible studies in Galatians. PRAY: Carol continues on much as before, but lives life at a fairly low level so need constant prayer. I am still happily busy with preaching, guelphbiblecc.com, studies, counselling and witnessing as the Lord leads. I do a lot of travelling so appreciate prayer for all involved. Our family has grown and we are now Great Grandparents!! Needless to say there are lots of prayer needs in this.