Summer Updates from Jenn at YFC!

What a summer!

We took a team of 6 students and 5 leaders to Namaqualand, South Africa from July 16-31st. Words can’t describe how thankful I am for EJ and Koekoes, our lovely hosts, for welcoming us into their home. They are incredible examples of what a Jesus-follower looks like. Pray that God blesses them and their ministry as they seek to serve Him and others.

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Here are some highlights from our trip!

  • Running children’s programs in remote villages (seen above)

  • Learning new dance moves from the students at the local school 

  • Being asked to pray for the staff and students at the school

  • Running into a snake while hiking (major controversy whether it was a snake or a tire, Ej and Koekoes confirmed it was a snake!)

  • Spending time with youth living at the youth home

  • Watching our students step out of their comfort zone by leading activities and praying for people

It was an absolute honour to watch God shape the students on our team as He challenged them to look to Him for comfort, strength and hope. Please join me in praying for Kamieskroon, that God continues to heal, restore and unite this community.

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From August 24-30th, I was a counselor at Conestoga Bible Camp for Youth Camp. The question of the week was, “Who is your King?” I am thankful for the rich conversations with campers, maybe getting a little too competitive in water polo (oops) and reconnecting with day camp counselors I worked with in previous years. God is good!

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Looking back on the last three months, I take a lot of comfort knowing the one constant was Jesus Christ, the One who brings hope and healing to the lost and broken. What I do at Youth For Christ is not possible without you! 

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