How God Worked this Week

Serving with Din from Thailand.

Serving with Din from Thailand.

On Monday we asked you to pray as we hosted missionaries from five countries - Thailand, Indonesia, India, Iraq and the Philippines.

Here's a great story God has woven about Din, one of our participants from Thailand.

1993 - A boy named Din with a buddhist background thinks this 'Jesus' his friends talk about is pure fiction. That is, until they invite him to see a film about the life of Jesus. When Din saw, with his own eyes, how Jesus forgave, even his enemies, his perspective changed and he made a decision to follow Jesus.

2019 - Today Din is a digital missionary team leader creating digital media to reach his highly visual/oral culture of 70 million. "Thai people can read, but we don't read," Din told me. "They want to watch things in their Facebook feed. If we want to reach the Thai people, we have to be there."

This week, while hosting Din in Singapore, we were able to help him get the Jesus Film in Thai online in YouTube. Even though the film is over 40 years old, the Holy Spirit uses it powerfully all around the world.

Excitingly, without any promotion, the 3 minute clip from the crucifixion scene in Thai was viewed over 600 times in less than 24 hours after posting this week. Reviewing the analytics Din chuckles with his broken English, "I could never share my faith that many times in a year, but in one day we reached so many people... wow!"

As his team returns to Bangkok, they will now use this film and others to offer viewers next steps - like chatting with a mentor or watching other evangelistic content. This is a big step forward for the Thai team on their engagement strategy. They feel more equipped in using YouTube and media to help people discover Jesus online.

Your prayers and giving make it possible for us to serve Din. Thank you for being a part of leading the next generation of digital missions.

If you'd like to see a short montage of the week, you can watch it here.


Photos Below:
1) Our kids in front of our flat
2) Learning local culture at school - Moon Festival Lanterns
3) Matchy-matchy at hot pot lunch with friends after church

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