February 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ at WBC,

Every few months we write you, partly to share some news, but mainly to thank you for your Christian love, your prayers and your continued practical support. I’ve asked that this letter be read Sunday morning, as I think a number of people do not get to see it when it is put on the website, and we want everyone of you to know how much we appreciate what you are doing for us and what WBC has meant to us and to the work in Belgium over the many years. We keep getting notes of thanks and appreciation from folk in Belgium and we want to let you know this. WBC has had an important part in the conversion of so many people in Belgium and the many churches (24) that were started there. Thank you in Jesus’ name.

I am speaking in Exeter this morning and will be in the University Hospital in London on Tuesday for the third operation on my hip. Please pray that the surgeon will have the wisdom to know how to get things right this time. Marina is quite weak and needs your prayers. She will become 82 on the day of my surgery. We both will be celebrating, ha, but in different locations and for different reasons. We continue to praise the Lord for His love, faithfulness and goodness.

I want to keep this brief and so thank you again for your share in our lives and ministry and the work in Belgium. God bless and reward you all richly, both now and in eternity.

Loving greetings,

Richard and Marina.