Esther Frey - March 2019

PRAISE:  Was able to shred 10 bags of paper for the house that was donated to camp; Canadian Teamworkers are at the camp and have done quite a few projects - Ron Bauman is with the team; that we continue to receive new addresses for former students; the last week of February we have been taking a 15 hour seminar (five days) on Healing the Wounded Heart - Trauma.  Bible oriented. Sponsored by the Bible Society. Very helpful. PRAY:  Brian Array arrives in Puerto Rico March 10, but will go to Colombia to a Latin American Emmaus conference March 12-19 to represent P.R.  He will then take charge of the office during my 5 month stay in Canada. I still need to work on my taxes. Have several medical appointments during March including another eye injection March 26. Flight to Canada March 30.