Trevor is Home! Let the next leg begin.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and encouragement. Trevor is home now! He was discharged last week and the first days have been good so far. He's much more stable this time than last discharge and knows much better when to stop and rest. I also know better how to protect him from things that might be too much.

Our current struggle though is knowing what is the right pace. Using the Ironman Triathlon analogy, we have now finished the swim, but the pace and muscles for the bike portion is different than the first leg. I have learned that it will continue to change as Trevor continues to get better. It reminds me of the first few weeks with Amelia. Once I think I have the hang of it, things change. But in both cases, this is a good but difficult thing. 

We are blessed with continued medical care after the discharge from the hospital. Trevor will continue meeting with his psychiatrist in the hospital. There are also some groups that Trevor can go to to help him work through recovery and he has a nurse willing to check in with him. We have our family doctor tracking with him also. Praise the Lord for Ontario health care that covers these costs! 

Please pray:

  • For Trevor to continue to heal well

  • For Hannah to have strength, patience and wisdom to know how to help Trevor in his healing while taking care of Amelia

  • That Hannah would know how to take time for herself and not just make her identity a wife and mom

  • For Amelia to be calm in another new situation, where daddy is home full-time

  • We would know how to ask for help and receive it (and know what to ask for)

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Above are some pictures of Trevor since he's been home. 

1) Lynette (his sister) cutting his hospital 'chains'
2) Trevor celebrating his birthday with his Brother-in-law and Dad
       (all their birthdays are in April)
3) Hanging out in our backyard in the sun
4) Reading books with Amelia at Trevor's mom's house