Charlotte Martin - April 2019

PRAISE:  God has provided 3 applicants for a new position on our team. Pray for us as we select the right candidate.  Our team has been discussing a book called Pursuing God's Will Together and it's led to many good and helpful conversations.  We're almost done interviewing those who applied to be international interns next year. We're thankful for the different graduates God is leading to intern on our East Asia and Dessert Rain Stint teams.  PRAY:  There have been some leadership issues with our team of interns in North Africa. Pray for the team as the current leaders were asked to step down and the team regroups for their last 3 months in country.  For all the students (just over 75) going on mission trips this summer - that God would provide the funds they need to go on these trips and prepare them spiritually for the ministry they will be doing. Pray for the new summer mission trips we are trying and the leaders who are leading these trips for the first time.