Jenn Brubacher - April 2019

PRAISE: This month my coworker, Ainsley, and I have been working hard to create a new program for the youth who attend our drop-in program. Supper Club will be a time to cook and eat together and have conversations about who God is and why life with Him is so much better. Our first Supper Club is on April 2. The Florida trip during March Break was a success! Our staff had really good conversations with students and there were no major injuries. The Campus Life student leaders team is growing - I am thrilled to pour into these students as they encourage and impact their school community. March was a slower month and I am very thankful for the time I had to rest and enjoy family and friends. PRAY: We had our first South Africa team training day this month. We have a great team! Please pray for the students as they raise funds to go on the trip and that God would prepare their hearts to see and experience difficult things. We continue to walk alongside many students experiencing severe challenges in their life. Pray for our team as we listen, ask questions and find the resources these students need. God, keep moving, keep stirring, keep healing, keep restoring!