Phil & Andrea - April 2019

PRAISE:  There is a Personnel Coordinator arriving Apr 26 to take over from Andrea!  For the safe arrival of baby Mercy to our colleagues Fela & Puii. For safe travel for Phil during his time in Asia.  That Phil had good connections with churches in North East India as well as with SIM leaders in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.  That we both had the opportunity to participate in Module 1 of the Integrated Mission Leaders course. PRAY:  For Andrea as she prepares to hand over responsibilities to the new Ghana Personnel Coordinator.  That Cara will have a good time this week on a trip with her class, and for safety in travel and at the beach.  That we will have a good time with Cara who is home Apr 9-22. For Andrea as she participates in her final Ghana leadership meetings next week.  Safe travels and good connections as we go to Greece to attend the spiritual life conference for the Middle East and North Africa teams. Wisdom for Phil as he continues to work with leaders to further define their strategic ministry focus.  That we will make progress in clearing out our house in preparation for our June departure.