Charlotte Martin - May 2019

PRAISE:  This week we are sending out 5 mission trips - 3 international, 2 national. There are around 75 students participating in these mission trip experiences. Praise God for helping all the details to come together for these trips and for providing all the funds needed for the students.  We added a new person/position to our team - our team will now oversee interns who want to serve with our ministry here in Canada not only interns who serve internationally. PRAY:  For the 5 summer mission trips - that these trips would accomplish what God desires, that seeds of the gospel would be planted in the hearts of many people and that the Canadian students who go on these trips would come home changed. Pray also for health, and safety.  For the next 6 months I will be doing personal fundraising. I'm trusting God to provide me with new financial partners who will partner with me in the ministry God has called me too.