Esther Frey - May 2019

PRAISE:  Brian is enjoying the Emmaus work and is being a help teaching in two assemblies.  I've had the joy of attending several Bible conferences - spiritual food. The Lord has opened the door to visit an eye specialist this month.  Also looking forward to being with my sister in St. Catharines the second week in May. PRAY:  My eye injection will be May 14 in Cambridge - 8:00 A.M. appointment!!!!  Special prayer for Yolanda who wanted so much to help in the Emmaus office.  She has been diagnosed with bone cancer and began chemo Monday, April 29. Praise the Lord she has a firm trust in her God.  The assembly is offering a seminar on Trauma - Healing the Wounded Soul, to the community the first weekend in May. This is an outreach that they pray will bring parents of the children to attend.