Raul & Jessenia - June 2019

PRAISE:  For a great visit from Jessenia's mom all the way from Canada. For the youth leader's continued investment and excitement in leading the youth group. We have had two youth group meetings so far and they have gone very well. We have been able to begin discipleship studies with a good number of the youth who were baptized in April and those youth seem excited about it so far. Our fundraiser for the school computer lab has begun and we are so grateful for the help we have had with that.  PRAY:  That the discipleship studies with the youth would not lose momentum but that these youth would be solidified in their walk with Christ. For our youth leaders as they struggle to balance university demands with responsibilities with the youth group - that it will not become a burden for them but will continue to be a joy to build into the adolescent youth. That we can have a fully functioning computer lab at the school soon.