How you can pray this week...

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For the last five weeks the group of staff and students pictured above have been on a mission trip in North Africa. They've been meeting and making friends through doing English presentations set up on university campuses, hanging out at popular student spots and hosting students in their apartments. They've been seeking to have spiritual conversations and share the gospel with interested students. 

As I write you I'm sitting at the airport awaiting my flight to join this mission trip for their debrief. For the next week, I have the privilege of helping them process, celebrate and evaluate what God has done on their trip. Here's how you can join me in praying for this time of debrief:

  • Pray for the different components I will be leading -  some prayer times, sharing times, an evaluation time, and an encouragement time.

  • I'll also be meeting one on one with a bunch of staff and students to do their "debrief interview." It's simply going over their answers to a series of questions that help them process their time on the mission trip. 

  • Lastly, pray that jet leg wouldn't get in the way of jumping right into things. And pray that even though I wasn't on the mission trip that I would have wisdom to know what the team needs to debrief and close the trip well. 

Thanks for partnering with me in prayer. Your prayers mean so much.