Thank You for Praying for Me

A Good Monday morning to you,

I know this will be impossible for many of you, but I will be giving a report at Lincoln Road Chapel at 7 PM on June 16 on my recent trip to Kenya. If you can come, I’d love to see you there!

Since I have been home, I've been writing on our experiences in Kenya, changes we’ve made along the way and the future that we anticipate. All of that will be a part of the report on the 16th.


The trip home was a very long one. But I returned home full of thankfulness for safety, health and fruitful times in both regions and with the board of VMK. On the last day that we were in Kenya Dave and I went with Ishmael and Moline his wife, to the national game park, a 29,000 acre game park right on the edge of Nairobi. We met this healthy -looking specimen there!

Thank you again for your support and encouragement!

Gord Martin