Your Prayers are Needed This Week

Indigitous Serve 2019 Participants

Indigitous Serve 2019 Participants

WBC, your prayers are needed this week. As the Lord brings our family to mind, here are a few things that you can join us in prayer for.

1. Hosting an internship program
We are currently hosting 3 Filipinos and 1 America for a two-week internship program. I (Meredith) am running point on pulling all the details together. Pray that Billy, Howard, Sam and Ian would have a transformative experience and catch a vision for digital missions. Pray for our family as our regular rhythms are disrupted as we serve the participants.

2. Transition Stress
Five months ago today, we landed in Singapore. We have adjusted well, but the honeymoon period is definitely over. We've noticed in the last few weeks that we are all on edge as the reality sets in that our family is now based in Singapore. Overheard recently:
Wyatt: "We barely ever eat Western food...."
Gwenyth: "When are we going home to Orlando?"
Heath: "When can we fly in an airplane again?"

Pray for our family to count our blessings and all the things we love about Singapore, while also giving each other grace as we miss family, friends and food from North America.

3. Kids School
Our kids have been accepted to start at an international school in August, but we are on a waiting list for the East campus. Being at the East campus would make our lives much easier. Pray that the Grade 2 waiting list clears. We've been told we'll hear back in 2 weeks.

Your prayers are a vital part of leading the next generation of digital missions. Thank you for partnering with us.