Update - June 2019

Dear Family of God givers and prayer warriors:

My apologies for such a long silence.  It certainly hasn’t been for a lack of appreciation.  God has used you to carry on the work.  Thank you so much.  I wrote a letter in August, 2018 which never got sent.

I arrived in Canada just a few weeks before the hurricane in September 2017.  My stay lasted until March, 2018 when I returned to still see much of the damages done.  We praise the Lord for the people he has sent our way to fix up the camp which was hit heavily.  This summer they plan to have 3 weeks of camp in July.  The chapel had minor damages on the roof and entrance gate.  Some homes of the Christians were damaged, but these are back to normal.

Emmaus office:  All of the federal prisoners were sent to the States and municipal inmates moved around, so it was difficult to get the courses to them.  We are still receiving letters from those who have reached their final destination and are anxious to continue their courses.  An ex-inmate is now using the courses in his work place to study with his co-workers.  He has a group of 20.  Sonia continues to correct the exams, and Magda writes a lot of the comments. Yolanda was helping with the computer work, but has been diagnosed with bone cancer so is getting chemo and unable to continue.

You have noticed a Canadian address above.  I returned March 30 to comply with OHIP medical requirements.  Brian Array is taking care of the Emmaus office, living in my house, and using my vehicle.  Please pray for him as he looks to the Lord for confirmation about his future ministry.  He enjoys the work, but would need financial support.  Lord willing, I return in September and Brian will go to Florida to get a job.  He is a teacher by profession. 

In March a young couple serving with Word of Life has come to Puerto Rico.  They will help our assembly with the youth.  Please pray for Ramon and Lavinia Ibanez.  They have one son and their second boy is to be born June 13.  At present they are living in my apartment which I had prepared for selling, but we will wait on the Lord’s leading.  I’m now living in a house which was given to the chapel, a wonderful provision. 

So please continue to pray for my future decisions.  I reached 80 and want to serve as long as I am able.  Great is His faithfulness!

In His loving care,

Esther Frey