Robert & Susan - July 2019

PRAISE:  R is finding spiritual strength as he has been attending Alpha and able to connect with other Christians. B has been granted parole and hopes to be at the halfway house in 3 weeks.  Pray for contacts with other Christians. L is back home with his family. Pray for strength to walk in truth and faithfulness to the Lord Jesus. The Guardrails program was a great success at Collins Bay Medium. It sparked interest in many men; we 20 – 25 participants. PRAY: Senior inmates are battling cancer and have been given weeks to live. S, P, W, H are in their 70’s and 80’s. They will likely live out the rest of their days incarcerated and then die in prison…viewed as shameful. They know the gospel; pray that their faith would be real. Pray that Christian inmates would be faithful in their walk with the Lord and thereby make the gospel clear to fellow inmates and staff.