How God Answered Your Prayers

Train Ride with Friends to the Children’s Museum.

Train Ride with Friends to the Children’s Museum.

A few weeks ago we asked you to pray for us during an intense season. Here's how God answered your prayers.

1. Hosting an internship program
Although this was a break in our regular family rhythms, the kids were troopers and managed well. Our interns, 3 from the Philippines and 1 from the U.S. enjoyed getting to know our kids too. Each day the team worked hard at developing enhanced digital tools to reach young people in South East Asia.

A highlight was a test where we hoped to have conversations with 10 people online and ended up having 700. More than working on projects, each of the participants walked away having taken faith steps and with a greater vision for digital missions, myself included. In was a fun challenge to have a "real job" on our team where everyone was depending on me to help pull this off.

2. Transition Stress
God has provided a deepening friendship with a British/Australian expat family, which has helped tremendously with the feelings of loneliness and given the kids some much needed camaraderie. The kids also participated in two different vacation Bible school sessions at local churches, forcing us out into the city more.

It's still hard missing Canada Day (July 1) and the various family celebrations/vacations that happen back home during June/July, but we are resting better in God's grace.

3. Kids School
God did not answer our prayers on this one and Wyatt and Gwenyth will be enrolled at the west campus. We are trusting that God has something better in store as we navigate the longer commute to get them to school.

Your prayers are a vital part of leading the next generation of digital missions. It means so much that you would pray to our Father on our behalf. Thank you for partnering with us.


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