Gord & Heather - September 2019

PRAISE: Doug Loveday and Ron Seabrooke have returned from a successful ministry trip to the western part of Kenya - I received a very positive report from Vision Ministries Kenya about the first leg of that trip. We are now connecting with about 50 immigrant churches in Canada, almost half of them are from Africa and most of those are from Eritrea and Ethiopia. So many of these brothers and sisters have come from places of violence and persecution. They have burning hearts for God. PRAY: September 13-14 The Spirit of Truth Church is having their annual retreat at a camp near Bracebridge. They are expecting about 150 people at this event which will include a huge baptism. We know that the prince of darkness will fight against this event and the people being baptized. Pray for their protection and spiritual vigour. This week about 150 Chin young people are having their first ever week-long youth camp at a camping facility near Ottawa. Ben Peltz from Peterborough is the speaker. Please pray for him and for these young people that their lives may be revolutionized by the work of the Holy Spirit. We know that they are very vulnerable. The camp will wrap up on Saturday noon. Pray for them as they return home that they will have the courage to walk with God wherever they go.