Praise Items & Financial Needs at CBC

Praise -

1. We had a great summer. It was a fantastic program summer - lake held out all summer and we had decent weather! Registration was down a bit in all 3 sessions, so our prayer is a full camp next summer.

2. We also will have a new Program Director next summer with Katie Morden (Shark Bait) moving on and Owen Holbrook (Velcro) stepping up as the next PD! Change is not always easy, especially with the love we have for SharkBait, but we are excited to see Velcro step further into leadership and what is to come!!

Needs: Financial and other

1. As always we try and renew an area each winter. This winter we are hoping to refresh the 'smelly' basement at the manor. We have also had some unexpected repairs on the Kubota tractor and the lawn tractors always need some TLC after a heavy summer. Estimated needs for these repairs are $6,000-12,000

2. We have some water system repairs and updates to do. The residences need some TLC before winter, and the 'cottage' will need to be prepared for more use next spring. We estimate another $4,000 in maintenance needs.

3. We have added Julia Ruegg as our Kitchen Manager for the 2019-2020 year. With changing provincial regulations for kitchens and camps, we can no longer continue the 'way it always was' and have had to make some tough decisions regarding importance. To continue forward, we need to make these changes, and it strains the budget when something occurs that was unexpected January 1st, but necessary by June 30th! This is an exciting change and challenge!

4. Ongoing septic planning and site planning.

Annual Celebration Dinner is Nov17 at 6pm at Linwood Community Centre. More info to come, but mark your calendars and plan to be there!! it is a great night to celebrate the past season, learn about developments at camp, and prepare for the season ahead! Food is great, and it is a wonderful way to connect to the CBC community!