Praise & Prayer

Conestoga Bible Camp - December 2018

PRAISE:  That the Celebration Dinner on November 25 was a great evening with the camp community. We celebrated new purpose, purchase and vision! God is moving mountains, and directing our steps.  PRAY:  Staff applications will go online in December. Pray for the those that are considering returning as staff and those applying for the first time. Pray for the camp as we close the year with the projects we have ongoing. Tim Frey is working to give the chapel a "simple" update, but everything seems to lead to 2 more concerns! We are starting to develop the 2019 theme.

Trevor & Hannah - December 2018

PRAISE:  For partnership opportunities with Forward Church, Heritage College & Seminary and more; for the momentum in our ministry at Conestoga College and for students who have been willing to get involved and help.  PRAY: For us as we navigate partnerships with churches and other ministries; for us to establish official student leaders at Conestoga College; for our student leadership team at Western to be more unified, organized and Spirit-led.

Russ & Meredith - December 2018

PRAISE:  That we found good renters to occupy our home starting Dec 1; that we finally received our refund from CRA from 2016; that a pastor in the Ivory Coast used our GodTools app to lead 23 people to Christ.  PRAY:  For smooth transition as we live in temporary housing until leaving Orlando Dec 20; for all the details to come together for our move to SIngapore; for parenting wisdom with Heath, our 2 year old.

Robert & Susan - December 2018

PRAISE:  For continued good response to the Alpha course at Joyceville Assessment - 61 men attended on Nov 28; for an information meeting where we met with chaplains and other volunteers with officials from CSC - these opportunities enhance and maintain our access to the institutions.  PRAY:  Jon and Jay are new contacts showing interest in the gospel; for wisdom to support and encourage inmates over the Christmas season.

Gord & Heather - December 2018

PRAISE:  We are seeing quite a rise in attendance at the Persian church plants (in Canada) due in part to the sanctions being applied to Iran. Many are open to the gospel and some are looking for assistance without any particular regard for the gospel. But at the time of wide open doors for Persians. There is a real need for experienced shepherds and teachers. Evangelism seems to be happening quite spontaneously.  We are very encouraged with the development of an organization in New Zealand that is very similar to Vision Ministries Canada. We are having regular opportunities to provide coaching to them and we are excited to see this development.