Praise & Prayer

Esther Frey - June 2019

PRAISE:  Met a very helpful doctor when I received the eye injection.  Yolanda is responding fairly well to the chemo treatments for bone cancer.  I've been added to a volunteer instructors list to communicate with New Life Prison Ministry students online.  I'm enjoying it. Have a family doctor now, who will see me May 31. Weekly teen activities are beginning at the chapel in Puerto Rico with the new missionaries from Word of Life, Ramon and Lavinia Ibanez.  PRAY:  Asking for God's clear guidance as to where I should be.  For the teen activities during the summer. For camp planning as they hold camps in July.  

Russ & Meredith - June 2019

PRAISE:  Our schooling application was accepted; that over 100k people saw the livestream of the Celebration of Hope and a handful committed their lives to Christ through online chat; for a good engagement with indigenous digital missionary leaders during a training in a closed country.  PRAY:  That Wyatt and Gwenyth would both get placements at the 'East' campus of our school; we will host 5 interns for two weeks June 1-14, Meredith is running point; for Russ as he shares the gospel with curious people visiting

Gord & Heather - June 2019

PRAISE:  Great time in Kenya with Dave Ralph, teaching and interacting with people at two regional conferences, one in the greater Nairobi, a city of 6.6 million,  the other in the heart of traditional Maasai land. We now have three new board members on the board of Vision Ministries Kenya, something I am very thankful for. Thank you Lord for safe travels (am in Zurich as I write this, presuming on the last leg home), good health and positive impact. The time with the Eritrean pastors in Toronto? Wonderful! So thankful!!

Charlotte Martin - June 2019

PRAISE:  There have been no safety, crisis, or major team issues on any of our mission trips so far. 2 of the 5 trips have wrapped up, the other 3 end in June.  We have 4 students preparing this summer to do a year long overseas internship starting in August. PRAY:  For the gospel to be shared on our mission trips in East Asia and North Africa. These teams are making friends with local students, building relationships, and having spiritual conversations. June 7th I will meet one of our missions trips in Spain to help out with their debrief time. I will be helping students process their experience and I will be in charge of leading the staff debrief portion. Pray for my travel, and wisdom in preparing.  Continue to pray for the increase in personal financial support I need. Pray that God would lead me to people who are interested in partnering with me in ministry.