Michel & Charmaine Martel

Michel's Nana passed away this evening. Pray for comfort for all the Martel family as they grieve the loss of their mother, and Nana! She was a spit-fire that we loved dearly! Most of the extended Martel family does not know Jesus as their Saviour. Pray with us that hearts would be softened and opportunities allowed for Jesus to shine in the darkness. We are thankful Michel's parents (Paul and Caroline) spent a lot of Nana's last days with her and were able to continually share the Gospel with her and she seemed to receive it and have peace wash over her.
Pray also for safety as family will be traveling to Chapleau.

Raul & Jessenia Espinoza (Ecuador)


Hi everyone,
We would like to request prayer for the current political situation in Ecuador. Halfway through last week, Ecuador's president announced that the government was cutting the subsidies on gasoline and diesel along with several other measures in order to help curb the national debt. However, this was not taken well by the general public and ever since protests have been growing daily. Ecuador is now in a state of "Emergency" and the President has declared Martial Law. Due to the protests in Quito, the governmental seat has been moved temporarily to Guayaquil which means more and more of the action is getting centered in Guayaquil. So far the protests and demonstrations have been intense, but not seriously violent. However, delinquents here in Guayaquil have been using the unrest as an excuse to loot, and last night they robbed a pharmacy a few streets over from the school.
So far Raul and I have been fine and so is the community around us. However, school has been canceled for about 4 days now and will continue that way until things calm down a bit. We feel fairly safe in our neighborhood, but are concerned about the state of the country. Mostly we are staying at home and keeping our heads down. Please pray with us for peace in Ecuador.

John & Mary Klassen

John Klassen is in ICU in the Guelph hospital. He was admitted Saturday evening with an infection in his elbow. He is receiving antibiotics intravenously, and will likely be moved out of ICU but will stay in the hospital for possibly a few more days. Please be praying for John and Mary, and their family.

Justin Schmidt

Justin Schmidt passed away suddenly yesterday (October 2). Justin had been coming to WBC regularly over the past year or so. He attended our youth events and was well known among the youth at WBC. Justin was also close friends with Dustin and Tessa Streicher and Ervin and Cindy Streicher. Please pray for all those that knew Justin as they process this loss. Visitation details will be posted on the Praise & Prayer wall when they become available.


Ron & Win Seabrooke

Thank you to all who have been praying for my (Ron’s) health. The doctors are still mystified as to what the problem is. About every four days in the early morning I get pretty strong chest pains that last 3-4 minutes. They have done numerous tests. They are making progress though. Even though scripture says my heart is desperately wicked and in need of Christ (praise God He has closed the GAP!) the doctors say that my physical heart is in good shape and is not the problem. That is welcome news!
Pray for wisdom. This takes away the fun of mornings and makes it a bit edgy.

Conestoga Bible Camp

Praise Items and Financial Needs at CBC

Praise -

1. We had a great summer. It was a fantastic program summer - lake held out all summer and we had decent weather! Registration was down a bit in all 3 sessions, so our prayer is a full camp next summer.

2. We also will have a new Program Director next summer with Katie Morden (Shark Bait) moving on and Owen Holbrook (Velcro) stepping up as the next PD! Change is not always easy, especially with…


Jocie Bearinger


Please pray for Jocie as she is undergoing surgery on October 8 to donate her kidney to a little 4 year old boy named Emmett. Please pray for the medical teams for both Jocie and Emmett, and that Jocie's body would adjust well to life with just one kidney. Also, please pray that Emmett's body would not reject Jocie's kidney. For Jocie, a prayer concern too would be for successful pain management after surgery, as the donor experiences more pain than the one receiving the organ. We (Ken & Carolyn) sure appreciate your prayers on behalf of both Jocie and Emmett!