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If you call WBC home, then we want you to be part of a small group! We believe as FRIENDS, we GROW best in God’s Word by Living Life and Supporting each other - TOGETHER. I am personally inviting you to join a small group. Send me an email and let me help get you connected!


trevor & hannah martin - waterloo
Group type: MULTI-GENERATIONAL group
when?: Tuesday evenings

brent & jan martin - hawkesville
group type: multi-generational group
When?: Wednesday evenings

Group type: multi-generational group
when?: Sunday evenings

quench guys - Jed Martin - Elmira
group type: youth
when? TUESDAY evenings

Quench girls - nichole freeman - elmira
group type: youth
when?: Wednesday evenings

Jordan & Julissa Weber - elmira
group type: young adults
when?: tuesday evenings

Doreen shantz - wbc
group type: womens precept
when?: tuesday mornings

rosanne martin and lori bauman - WBC
group type: womens
When?: tuesday afternoons

les frey - WBC
group type: seniors
When?: wednesday mornings (2 times/month)

Interested in joining this group? Don’t know what group you are in? Would like to be in a group but the options available don’t suit you? Click the button below and we will help answer your questions!