Relate to the Community

RELATING is simply being a light and building meaningful relationships with the community (those who are still outside of the kingdom of God).

- Every believer is to be an ambassador
- Many of our ministries at WBC are open to and suitable for non Christians

We should always ask ourselves how can we relate to the community?

Am I meeting people?
Do I know neighbors names? 
Do I have actual people to pray for? 
Is my ministry seeking ways to relate to the community?

We can relate to the community by:

Volunteering, Being a good neighbor, Through family & friends, Serving the community, Felt needs seminars

Reach the Curious

REACHING the curious is inviting those we have built relationships with to something where they can meet other believers and be introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

- Every believer is to invite
- Many of our ministries at WBC are suitable for us to invite our non Christian friends to
- We should always ask ourselves “What can we invite our friends to?”
- If we are serving in the community, invite them to serve with us (i.e. Operation Christmas Child) or practical helps

Sample ideas that should almost always be offered:

Alpha, Christianity Explored, Connections Groups, Demographic Ministries, KidZone, Jr Youth, Quench, Men’s/Women's Groups, Seminars, Worship services

Rally the Committed

RALLYING the Committed is what we do with those who have come to faith and attend WBC. This is the process of inviting people into the ‘Bulls Eye’ of the three E’s by being equipped.

- Every adult/ teenager should be invited to complete the LIFE series

- Every adult/teenager should be invited to a Connections Group 

- Every adult/teenager should be given opportunity to be involved in ministry

- All children should be invited to their version of Connections Group (Kid Zone, Jr Youth) 

We have been ‘rallied’ when we can clearly articulate where the three E’s are specifically happening in our lives.