Welcome! We are so glad that you are interested in Wallenstein Bible Chapel! We strive to be a welcoming church with the desire to Exalt Christ, Equip Disciples and Engage our Community! No matter who you are or where you come from, you are welcome here!

Exalt, Equip, Engage. These three key 'E' words encompass what we believe to be the marks of a well balanced healthy disciple of Christ. To investigate what it means to be a follower of Jesus or to learn about how to be a part of WBC please take a look at the below sections!


What does a Sunday SERVICE LOOK LIKE at wbc?

We have two services that happen each Sunday

This service is to worship and glorify Jesus. It is all about sharing what God has been doing in the lives of people at WBC. There is worship, a small devotion, sharing time and communion. Feel free to come and just listen to what is going on with the congregation!

FELLOWSHIP TIME (10:15am-10:45am)
Like free tea and coffee? Great! We have lots to share! In between our two services we have a fellowship time where people can chat, get to know each other and build relationships!

TEACHING & WORSHIP SERVICE (10:45am-12:00pm)
This service is our family bible hour which includes worship time, announcements and main message given by one of many gifted teachers from WBC or elsewhere. During this time there is child care available for infants/toddlers and children's programming available for kids up to grade 6. For more information please visit our WBC Kids page.

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What should you wear?

Come as you are! We want you to be comfortable and feel like you are at home!
If that means you wear a t-shirt & jeans... go for it!
If that means you wear a dress shirt & tie... great!
You won't be out of place!


- Potlucks the first Sunday of every month!
- Weekly small groups for youth to adults
- Both Men'sWomen's ministry events and activities

- Senior events and activities throughout the week
- Weekly events for youth from 14-20 years old
- Tuesday nights activities for Kids (Kidzone) and Jr. Youth


There are three main ways to explore what it means to follow Jesus and be a part of the WBC faith community.

1) Video Courses | What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus?  We offer video courses in a small group setting a couple of times a year. Click on the following links to learn more

Christianity Explored | An 8 week series on the basics of the faith

Alpha | A 10 week series on the basics of the faith

2) LIFE Series Courses (101-401) | What does it mean to be a part of WBC and growing in your walk of faith? Our LIFE Series is a four part series held Sunday mornings throughout the year. These courses are designed help people grow in faith and also to become active members of WBC.

Learning the Basics (101) | What it means to be a follower of Jesus, what we believe at WBC, how to be involved, etc...

Investing in Eternity (201) | The essentials for disciple of Christ, reading the bible, prayer, giving, service

Focusing on Ministry (301) | The basics of spiritual gifts.  Using your gifts and abilities for the Kingdom.  How to be involved at WBC.

Engaging the World (401) | What is the "Good News"?  How can I be involved in sharing my faith in a natural way? How to connect meaningfully with the community we live in.

3) Growing In Community | Get connected and grow by being in a Connections Group (small groups that meet regularly) 


Serving is an essential part of the walk of faith.  Click thE link BELOW TO find out about opportunities to serve and GET involved!   


WANT TO LEARN MORE? Contact us here!

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