WBC is lead by a plurality of volunteer Elders. The Elders are chosen based on the qualities listed in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. The Elders are responsible for overall spiritual care of all who are a part of Wallenstein and for overseeing all of the various ministriesDue to the size of the congregation some of the Elders serve as pastors in a full time capacity. Acts 20:17-38I Peter 5:1-11


Elders Structure 2.png


Rich Devos

Rich Devos is a Bovine Veterinarian and has his MSc in animal welfare and behaviour. Rich began serving as an elder in 2003. He and his wife Marilyn enjoy sailing and spending time with their four grown boys. As a leader, Rich's desire is for the people that call WBC home to Worship God with all their heart, soul and especially their mind.

John 10:10


Andreas Dimond

Andreas and his wife Val moved to Canada (where Val grew up) in 2013 and live in Elmira with their three children Joshua, Nathan and Abigail. Andreas works as a project manager at Systematix in Waterloo and loves good food, soccer (which he calls football) and witty humor. A natural planner and organizer, he is constantly looking to improve the task at hand. His mission statement in life is: "Helping people succeed: loving God, loving people and encouraging others to do the same". Andreas likes to start his day with a cup of tea, calm music and the Bible.

II Corinthians 5:17


Glenn Gingrich

Glenn Gingrich is the Manager at Elmira Truck Service. Glenn is our veteran elder, serving since September 1988. He enjoys spending time with his family and nine grandchildren who live as far away as Ottawa. Glenn and his wife Elaine get satisfaction out of gardening together, seeing Live Theatre and travelling through small towns in Ontario. Their greatest satisfaction is to witness passionate/spirit led worship at WBC.

II Timothy: 1:7


Tim Harrington

Tim Harrington is employed in Inside Sales at Eldale Machine & Tool Ltd. Tim became an elder in 1998 and enjoys working behind the scenes on Bible study to discover what the Bible says and how it applies to what we do at WBC. He and Carol enjoy camping and hiking in Ontario’s provincial parks.

John 10: 28-29


Wayne Hockley
ELDER & PASTOR OF WBC Care/ small groups

Wayne became an elder at Wallenstein Bible Chapel in 1996. This prepared him well for his role as pastor of WBC Care & Small Groups at WBC. Wayne and his wife Peg live in St. Jacobs and are proud of their three children, Mark, Adam and Carmen. Wayne is a true blue Maple Leafs fan and enjoys travel, fishing and good Christian rock music. Wayne’s desire for the Christians at WBC is for all of us to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. He is passionate about helping people know true fulfillment in their relationship with the Lord through opportunities to exalt Him, be equipped for service and engaged in their communities.

Mark 12:30


Jeff Martin

Jeff and his wife Amy live in Elmira with their three daughters. He desires to see our WBC children and youth grow in their knowledge, understanding and faith in God. Jeff enjoys his day job teaching high school students and when given the opportunity, enjoys a game of tennis, squash or hockey. 

Psalms 37:4


Murray Martin

Murray Martin has attended WBC since 1982 where he got involved in small study groups and helped lead. In 1996 he joined the elders team in leadership. Murray with his wife Shirley are foster parents taking care of babies until they find a permanent home. They also enjoy spending as much time as possible with their grandchildren. Murray and Shirley enjoy taking a break in the sunny south in the winter and riding their motorcycle in the summer.

Jeremiah 9:23-24


Ron Martin

Ron Martin has been a project manager at Frey Building Contractors since 1979. Ron and his wife Fern were involved with the Youth Ministry for 7 years and then Ron joined the elders in 2000. Ron is always interested in a game of squash, and loves the summer sun.

Philippians 3:10


Matt Robinson

Matt is excited to be a part of what God is doing at WBC.  He believes there is no greater joy and no greater purpose than to simply serve the Lord wherever He leads. This belief has led him into ministry at WBC, as well as at Foundation Christian School where he serves as Headmaster.  He has been involved in work and ministry in Ecuador and India, both places he and his wife Bethany love. Matt and Beth have three children, and live in Drayton.  Besides living his boyhood dream of calling snow days and getting paid to go out for recess, Matt enjoys the great outdoors, watching baseball, and witnessing baptisms.

Galatians 5:1


Ron Seabrooke
ELDER & Pastor of Outreach/ Teaching

Ron and his wife Win have been involved in ministry since the mid 1980’s.  They served in ministry for 10 years in the Middle East and in church planting in Canada before coming to WBC in 2006. Their passion is to see WBC filled with seekers and new believers in Christ as well as help everyone become more deeply grounded in the word of God. Ron & Win are also passionate about snowboarding & would love to see a snow covered mountain in the cornfield beside Wallenstein!  When the grand children are old enough they will be sure to take them to the hills with them!

II Corinthians 5:17


Rick Shantz

Rick Shantz, along with his wife, Doreen and family, own and operate a dairy farm near Wallenstein. Rick loves spending time with his family, especially his grandchildren, and enjoys life on the farm, motor biking, hockey, a good game of tennis and a great cow show.

I Colossians 1:10-11