To Exalt Christ, Equip disciples, & Engage our community with Passion and Joy!



This vision is the desire of the believers at Wallenstein Bible Chapel. We will be a congregation that truly pleases Jesus our Lord, our Saviour and our King. We want the people that call WBC home to live the following vision out of the freedom of a transformed heart; a heart that is overflowing with the love that has been placed there by His endless love for us. We understand that without faith it is impossible to please God, and that even a very small amount of faith, when placed in God, can accomplish wonderful things. Our motivation for accomplishing our vision can be summed up in, but is not limited to, the following examples. Because He is exceedingly worthy in every aspect of His being, we will worship Him. Since He welcomed all including tax collectors and sinners, we will seek to be welcoming to all. Because He is caring and has limitless compassion for people, we will seek to be compassionate to all. Since He reached out to us by coming to the earth as a man, we will endeavour to reach out to those who don't know Him. Through the power of the Holy Spirit in transformed hearts, we prayerfully aspire to:

1) BE BIBLICALLY-BASED in all that is done, understanding that God has revealed Himself most assuredly and fully in the Scriptures, His inerrant and authoritative written word which uniquely unveils to us the Living Word, Jesus, God's Son. Scripture is the final guide and judge in all we do and believe. We will be a congregation of people who love God's Word, read it daily, study and memorize it, and understand how to rightly interpret it and apply it to our everyday lives. It must be central to our worship, the main text for our teaching ministries, and the book most honoured in all our homes.
II Timothy 3:16-17, I Peter 1:22-25

2) BE WORSHIPFUL in all we do, believing that worshiping God is our first responsibility, highest purpose and greatest joy. We will be a church of worshipers whose lives and ministries bring glory to God. A church whose public services are focused foremost on God more than on one another, and are geared, not to creating spectators, but to encouraging and fostering freedom and participation by everyone. We will be a church that draws non-Christians to the faith through their observing us as we sincerely and passionately worship the Lord. Our worship will continue to be anchored to what Christ accomplished on the cross by remembering Him regularly through breaking bread (communion) together. Our people should see this as a matter of the heart; we love Him because He first loved us. Our desire is for WBC to be a church where everyone is obedient to Christ's command to "do this in memory of me" as the early church modeled for us on a weekly basis. Because our unity as a whole congregation is best expressed in our common worship, we will make our public worship services accessible and meaningful to every generation as we worship together.
Matthew 22:36-40, I Corinthians 11:23-26

3) BE PRAYERFUL, believing that it is only God who can change lives, families, communities, and nations. Prayer must have an increasingly pivotal place in all we do in obedience to the Lord who commands us to pray, and gives us the privilege to see change through prayer. Being absolutely dependent upon God to work out His will among us, we will encourage prayer as a whole body through small group prayer, prayer by the leaders, prayer by various ministries, and prayer in virtually every gathering of our people. We will provide special places, times and groups dedicated to Spirit-led prayer. Matthew 6:5-15, Acts 2:42

4) BE WELCOMING to all. We will do this by being a community of people who refuse to show favouritism to anyone, and by readily extending grace rather than casting judgment, greeting all with warmth and acceptance. We will communicate the gospel in ways that are easily understood by the community with which we are connecting. As good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us, we will include making our church's facilities easily accessible to those unfamiliar with us, and to those who move about with difficulty. We will open our facilities, whenever feasible, to the community for its use. Most importantly, we will be attractive in attitude and behaviour in order to provide a winsome witness to any whom God brings our way.
Luke 10:25-36, James 2:1-7

5) BE A CARING FAMILY.  We will be a church where people of every age connect with meaningful relationships, are involved and have a place to belong—where each person is loved, cared for and encouraged; a place to find direction and learn how to listen to God, ask questions, and seek the guidance of others; a place to be challenged—confronted about sin, spurred on toward love and good deeds, and held accountable for commitment before God; a place to take off masks—to be truly open and authentic, disclosing brokenness, temptations, and sins; a place where we can celebrate our joys, blessings, and successes; a place to give—according to ability, using spiritual gifts, contributing to something beyond ourselves.
I Corinthians 12:12-27, Galatians 6:1-10

6) BE DEDICATED TO STRENGTHENING OUR FAMILIES, believing that our families are the God-given way for children to be brought into this world, nurtured in the Lord, cared for, and loved, so that they might come to faith and become spiritually mature disciples of Christ, continuing in supportive and special relationships with each other as long as they live on earth. To this end, we will be a church that encourages our families to worship together, to know how to love each other, have fun together, and work together. Our families will be ones in which the children are both cherished and obedient, and the parents are devoted to raising their children well. We will be a church that assists husbands and wives in living out, and being faithful to, their covenant of marriage in ways honouring to the Lord.
Genesis 2:21-24, Deuteronomy 6:4-7, Ephesians 5:23-33

7) BE EQUIPPING DISCIPLES, understanding that our task is not simply to "win converts," but to help people grow in faith, love and obedience to Christ, and be involved in helping others become disciples of Christ. A disciple is one who is becoming like Christ and making disciples should be the goal of every ministry to others; including our preaching, teaching, shepherding, fellowshipping, and serving. Discipling of others can take place in large gatherings, smaller groups, and in one-to-one relationships. We have chosen to primarily accomplish the task of equipping and discipling our community through our small groups. We will always be guided by Christ's final commission to his disciples: to make disciples of all the nations. Until that task is complete, our job is not done. Under the caring leadership of a plurality of elders, we will be a congregation that practices the priesthood of all believers where all members are engaged in building up the body of Christ, as well as ministering according to their spiritual gift(s) and God-given passion.
Ephesians 4:11-16, Romans 12:3-8

8) BE A SERVING COMMUNITY, serving one another within the church as each has need, and serving the larger community and world through the gifts and resources God has given us. We will follow Christ's example of being sent to minister, not being ministered to. As individuals, as groups from the church, and as a whole church, we will engage our neighbours through compassionate generosity and practical ministries,. We will declare God's love by offering our services, resources, and labour to our surrounding communities and neighbours in need.
Matthew 25:31-36, John 13:34-35

9) BE REACHING OUT to those who are not believers in order that they might know the love of Christ, the way of salvation, and become obedient disciples. We believe that we exist as a congregation in order to minister first to God, and then to those not yet a part of His kingdom. We will continually look for better ways to seek the lost and to witness to them concerning God's grace. We will be a congregation of individuals who are contagious Christians, missionaries to our community, discipled in, and equipped to share, the gospel of Christ. We will witness individually and corporately both to individual persons and to our entire community. We will continue to reach beyond our own community by planting other churches. These churches may take various forms, from the establishment of independent congregations to the development of satellite communities, drawing from the resources with which God has blessed us.
Luke 24:45-48, John 4:4-41

10) BE A SENDING COMMUNITY, dedicated to sensitizing our people to the call of the Lord Jesus Christ to minister the gospel cross-culturally, especially to people who have not had an opportunity to hear the gospel. We will be a church that is informed about world-wide needs, and focused on fulfilling the Great Commission through praying, giving and sending our people to minister far away as well as nearby. We will maintain our focus on supporting and caring for our missionaries who need our support as they labour on the frontiers of spiritual need. Short-term mission efforts will be promoted as a way of introducing our people to cross-cultural ministry. We will increase our equipping of nationals for sharing the gospel in their culture.
Matthew 28:18-20, Philippians 4:15-20

By God's grace, we hope to do all of the above in faithfulness to God and out of love for Him. Because He is excellent and beautiful, we will seek to do everything with excellence and beauty, using whatever resources God has made available to us. Some aspects of this vision will be continuing what God has already enabled us to do; other parts of this vision will be breaking new ground. All of these goals represent that to which we aspire until Christ shows us differently, or until He comes. May that be soon!