Jessenia & Raul Espinoza

Dear Wallenstein family,

My heart is so very saddened by the news of Pastor Ron Seabrooke passing away. Home has felt very far away this past few days and though I am physically here in Ecuador, my heart is up there with you all.

Every time I was home in Canada, I always looked forward to my debriefing times with Ron and Wayne. Ron was always ready and willing to provide me with resources for the ministry down here and I always appreciated the wisdom and energy he had to share in his sermons. He will be dearly missed.

I have been very grateful for technology these days, where I have seen displayed by you the hope that we have in Christ through the things written about Ron. I am so thankful that we can know with certainty that Ron is now walking side by side with his beloved Savior.

Mourning with you all in Ron’s absence but joyful in the hope we have,

Jessenia (and Raúl)

Summer Updates from Jenn at YFC!

What a summer!

We took a team of 6 students and 5 leaders to Namaqualand, South Africa from July 16-31st. Words can’t describe how thankful I am for EJ and Koekoes, our lovely hosts, for welcoming us into their home. They are incredible examples of what a Jesus-follower looks like. Pray that God blesses them and their ministry as they seek to serve Him and others.

unnamed (78).jpg

Here are some highlights from our trip!

  • Running children’s programs in remote villages (seen above)

  • Learning new dance moves from the students at the local school 

  • Being asked to pray for the staff and students at the school

  • Running into a snake while hiking (major controversy whether it was a snake or a tire, Ej and Koekoes confirmed it was a snake!)

  • Spending time with youth living at the youth home

  • Watching our students step out of their comfort zone by leading activities and praying for people

It was an absolute honour to watch God shape the students on our team as He challenged them to look to Him for comfort, strength and hope. Please join me in praying for Kamieskroon, that God continues to heal, restore and unite this community.

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From August 24-30th, I was a counselor at Conestoga Bible Camp for Youth Camp. The question of the week was, “Who is your King?” I am thankful for the rich conversations with campers, maybe getting a little too competitive in water polo (oops) and reconnecting with day camp counselors I worked with in previous years. God is good!

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Looking back on the last three months, I take a lot of comfort knowing the one constant was Jesus Christ, the One who brings hope and healing to the lost and broken. What I do at Youth For Christ is not possible without you! 

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Thank you for your support!

Jenn Brubacher - October 2019

PRAISE: All of our programs in Listowel and Minto are up and running! At Campus Life and Abound, we are diving into a new series, ‘The Upside Down Kingdom’, and will look at a different topics like fear, contentment, Jesus' humanity, and love. We're going to look at Jesus’ life and how we can join what God is doing at LDSS in 2019. Aaron (Minto staff) and I met with the new principal at Norwell and it went very well. The conversation was short and he gave us the thumbs up to continue Abound, the weekly Christian group we run at the high school! PRAYER: We need volunteers for Tuesday drop-in nights; it is very difficult to have intentional conversations with students while supervising the other youth. I’m meeting with C, a student who attends our drop-in program, and she is not doing well. She doesn't know the Lord, she's lonely and thinking about suicide. Please pray for wisdom for how we can help and support her best.

Conestoga Bible Camp (Terry Reugg) - October 2019

PRAISE: We had a fantastic summer - lake held out all summer and we had decent weather! Registration was down a bit, so our prayer is a full camp next summer. We also will have a new Program Director next summer with Katie Morden (Shark Bait) moving on and Owen Holbrook (Velcro) stepping up. Change is not always easy, especially with the love we have for SharkBait, but we are excited to see Velcro step further into leadership! For the upcoming Annual Celebration Dinner on Nov 17, 6:00 pm at Linwood Community Centre. PRAY: For funds to refresh the 'smelly' manor basement, repairs on the Kubota and lawn tractors, water system repairs, and TLC for the residences and the 'cottage'. We have added Julia Ruegg as our Kitchen Manager - with changing provincial regulations for camp kitchens, we can no longer continue the 'way it always was' and have had to make some tough decisions. Pray for ongoing septic planning and site planning.

Trevor & Hannah - October 2019

PRAISE: For many students that are getting connected into Christian community on campus. At Waterloo, we had 120 first year students at our launch "Connect" event. At Conestoga, 40 students said they want to be in a small group (last year we had 10). 300+ college and university students spent the last weekend of September worshipping God, getting to know each other and challenged in their faith at our annual Summit retreat for college and university students in SouthWestern Ontario. PRAY: That students would continue to make God a priority in their lives through the heavy season of mid-term exams. Many first year students will get "choked by the weeds" by the pressures of school through this time; for continued wisdom as the date of Trevor's transition back to work gets closer - that we would trust God through the ups and downs of this transition. On October 28-November 1 three Christian clubs at the University of Waterloo will join together to have a week of evangelism. Pray for the speakers training the groups, for opportunities, soft hearts, and for God to be glorified. Pray for international students joining local Christian families for thanksgiving dinners would see and hear the love of God.