October Newsletter

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Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving. - Colossians 2:6-7

The foundation of Christ Jesus is what produces abundant thanksgiving! Through faith we receive Him, walk in Him, and are rooted and built up in Him. As a result, we can’t help but be abounding in our gratitude to Him for His abundant grace.

Men in prison are hearing the message of Jesus Christ and finding a solid footing, grateful for the meaning they have found in their lives, despite their incarceration. There is no other message that offers the hope we have in Christ Jesus.

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We trust you also are grateful enjoying the blessings that are bountiful… especially at this time of the year. It is our confidence to know the Lord of the Harvest. And in fact it is His knowing us that anchors our hearts. His daily supply is granted to us with intentional care and love.

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David*…has done 7 years in prison and was recently released to a halfway house. He has trusted Christ as Saviour and wants to follow Him but so much yet to learn about the sanctified life. Choosing the right friends/associates is a challenge.

JoeBartHenryRoy*…these four men have some Bible knowledge but no understanding of the Truth.“They are deluded with plausible arguments.” Colossians 2:4 
Pray that God would mercifully open their eyes and hearts to give them the knowledge of the Truth in Jesus Christ.* real names not used

There were outbreaks of serious violence at Millhaven Institution last month. This peaked the unrest between guards and inmates again causing even more stress and fear in lives. Pray for wisdom to prevail on all sides.

Pray for our ability to understand and sympathize appropriately with men who are being unjustly/unfairly treated by their authorities as they work through their correctional plan. We want to identify with them to bring support and comfort and yet encourage their respect and submission to authority. We want to encourage them to believe and trust that God rules and overrules in every situation.

Pray for us as we minister inside the Kingston federal institutions that we would faithfully present the gospel message at every opportunity and that men would grow, being rooted and built up in Jesus Christ, established in the faith.

With grateful hearts for all God's blessings,
Robert and Susan

Trevor & Hannah - October 2018

PRAISE:  350 students from campuses in south western ontario came out to our annual Summit Fall annual retreat to be encouraged to love God and love others.  Great momentum at our colleges (Conestoga, Fanshawe, St. Claire) of people wanting to get connected to a Christian group and helping their campus know Jesus.  PRAY:  Brock will be doing a couple of outreaches on campus this month discussing with students on campus what they think about some big questions in life. Please pray for good conversations where Jesus will be glorified, Christians will learn how to share their faith clearly, and people take steps towards Jesus. Pray for our upcoming training that we have for our Power to Change student leaders across South Western Ontario. Pray that it will be a good time for leaders to meet each other, be encouraged and be mobilized to help multiply disciples of Jesus on their campuses.

Russ & Meredith - October 2018

PRAISE:  Russ had an effective training time with leaders in Budapest.  Our work pass for Singapore was approved. Kids doing great in school.   PRAY:  Progress in skin and gut issues with Heath (still bad) and Gwenyth (much better).  Resolution of an issue with the CRA on our 2016 taxes (currently withholding a large refund).  For clear next steps and effective witness with neighbors we are reaching out to.

Robert & Susan - October 2018

PRAISE:  Several men have been able to return to their families and communities.  Al has gained courage and confidence as he faces possible deportation. Danny is maintaining stability since being released to the half way house.  PRAY:  Scheduling for groups and one on one visiting has become troublesome at Bath Institution.  Millhaven is facing unrest and violent outbreaks in the past 2 weeks between guards and inmates restricting all movement.  Pray for wisdom to facilitate services and programs without compromising the integrity of the material. Continue to pray for salvation of Steve, Bob, Kevin and Chris.

Gord & Heather - October 2018

PRAISE:  For an excellent time in Ottawa this past weekend. I met with 15 church leaders on the Saturday morning so they could become acquainted with each other and also have an opportunity to learn together. I anticipate bringing this group together, once every three or four months.  About a month ago I had a video conference call with three people; one from France, one from Australia and one from India. We were discussing the question; What are we doing to develop the leaders of the churches of our church network? The last question was, How are you supporting individual leaders who may be discouraged or in trouble of some kind? One said they provide professional counselling, another said they provide volunteer support for persons are willing to receive it and the third said that they help, if they can, pastors find lawyers to help them get out of prison. Many of our pastors have been in jail.