Praise & Prayer

Gord & Heather - September 2019

PRAISE: Doug Loveday and Ron Seabrooke have returned from a successful ministry trip to the western part of Kenya - I received a very positive report from Vision Ministries Kenya about the first leg of that trip. We are now connecting with about 50 immigrant churches in Canada, almost half of them are from Africa and most of those are from Eritrea and Ethiopia. So many of these brothers and sisters have come from places of violence and persecution. They have burning hearts for God. PRAY: September 13-14 The Spirit of Truth Church is having their annual retreat at a camp near Bracebridge. They are expecting about 150 people at this event which will include a huge baptism. We know that the prince of darkness will fight against this event and the people being baptized. Pray for their protection and spiritual vigour. This week about 150 Chin young people are having their first ever week-long youth camp at a camping facility near Ottawa. Ben Peltz from Peterborough is the speaker. Please pray for him and for these young people that their lives may be revolutionized by the work of the Holy Spirit. We know that they are very vulnerable. The camp will wrap up on Saturday noon. Pray for them as they return home that they will have the courage to walk with God wherever they go.

Charlotte Martin - September 2019

PRAISE: Our 6 international interns all received their financial funds, made it through orientation and are now incountry getting settled and started with ministry. The in-person global missions team meetings that I lead in August were a great time of team bonding, spiritual encouragement and productive conversations. Praise God for how he lead and directed during that time. PRAY: We are working to finalize the mission trips we will send next spring. Pray that God will provide staff to lead trips, and that we will know what locations and partnerships to send mission trips to. Our global missions team is growing and I have 2 new reports. Pray that I would lead these new teammates well. Continue to pray for the provision of more monthly financial support as I continue to raise support this fall.

Esther Frey - September 2019

PRAISE:  Even though I lost my OHIP, I had the opportunity to send documents to be reviewed.  May the Lord be glorified in this as I await the results. A large bill which was not covered by OHIP was cancelled.  Bless the Lord oh my soul! Hurricane Dorian passed by Puerto Rico. For the opportunity to instruct inmates studying courses through New Life Prison Ministry online. I will continue to help these students while in Puerto Rico.  My time here in Ontario and the fellowship of so many people. Time spent with family. PRAY:  My departure date is September 10 from Toronto.  For safety. For my OHIP status. Adjusting to life in Puerto Rico and making decisions regarding the Emmaus ministry, my apartment, and meeting with ones who would be interested in the camp ministry.  

Raul & Jessenia - September 2019

PRAISE: We had a group of American teachers come to give support and creative resources to our teachers at the school. Camp organized a family camp at the end of July that went really well. We had about 140 people there from 4-5 different communities and churches as well as two Canadian families who joined us from Halifax. Families left encouraged after such a sweet time of fellowship. PRAY: That our teachers would be able to use the ideas that were shared with them to help form critical thinking in our students. For a continued hunger in our youth group to know and serve God.