Missionary Letters

How God Answered Your Prayers

Train Ride with Friends to the Children’s Museum.

Train Ride with Friends to the Children’s Museum.

A few weeks ago we asked you to pray for us during an intense season. Here's how God answered your prayers.

1. Hosting an internship program
Although this was a break in our regular family rhythms, the kids were troopers and managed well. Our interns, 3 from the Philippines and 1 from the U.S. enjoyed getting to know our kids too. Each day the team worked hard at developing enhanced digital tools to reach young people in South East Asia.

A highlight was a test where we hoped to have conversations with 10 people online and ended up having 700. More than working on projects, each of the participants walked away having taken faith steps and with a greater vision for digital missions, myself included. In was a fun challenge to have a "real job" on our team where everyone was depending on me to help pull this off.

2. Transition Stress
God has provided a deepening friendship with a British/Australian expat family, which has helped tremendously with the feelings of loneliness and given the kids some much needed camaraderie. The kids also participated in two different vacation Bible school sessions at local churches, forcing us out into the city more.

It's still hard missing Canada Day (July 1) and the various family celebrations/vacations that happen back home during June/July, but we are resting better in God's grace.

3. Kids School
God did not answer our prayers on this one and Wyatt and Gwenyth will be enrolled at the west campus. We are trusting that God has something better in store as we navigate the longer commute to get them to school.

Your prayers are a vital part of leading the next generation of digital missions. It means so much that you would pray to our Father on our behalf. Thank you for partnering with us.


Photos: Around Singapore
1) Safety first on luge ride
2) 10th anniversary lunch with a view

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Stories from DR...

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

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It was a privilege and a joy to be able to help with the debrief of our DR mission trip last month. This group of 37 staff and students had spent 5 weeks making friends and sharing the gospel with Arab students. I was impressed by their energy and their love for the Arab world. This year the DR mission trip was almost entirely during the time of Ramadan. That meant that our students did a lot of their ministry late at night after the sun went down, when their friends would break their fast (their friends were less interested in meeting during the day due to the heat and the fact that they were fasting). 

Over the course of the debrief I got to meet with students one on one to hear about their experiences. Here are some of the questions I asked and their answers.

How do you think God worked through you to accomplish his kingdom work?

  • Planting seeds. I was able to share the gospel with several people and even though they may not have accepted it straight away, they have at least heard it, and I trust that God will work in their hearts if it be his will. - Kiersten, University of Alberta

Tell me about a significant moment of partnering with the Holy Spirit that stands out to you?

  • I meet a girl whose name means faith. I don't think it's a coincidence that we met. She was busy with lots of exams and the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray for her everyday. She told me that she was not Muslim because of all the contradictions and injustice that she saw in Islam. She was searching for truth. We talked about the Bible a lot and I was able to give her a Bible. - Bea, McGill University

What lessons from this mission trip are you most excited to continue to apply?

  • How to develop relationships and have spiritual conversations with people. Also, how to pray for those who don't know him yet. - Stacy, University of Toronto

Thank you for partnering with me to help make mission trips like this happen. Together God used us to help students (see pictures below) process their experiences and identify how God used them and grew them this summer.

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Financial Update:

Earlier this spring I spent a focused time doing ministry partnership development. During this time God began to provide me with the increased monthly support I require. For the next few months I will continue to raise financial support as I get back to my regular work. If you are interested in increasingly your monthly support or would like to introduce me to others interested in learning about my ministry, please let me know -charlotte.martin@p2c.com, 226.791.6703.


Update from Ecuador!

Dear praying friends,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the warmer weather months, as we are enjoying slightly cooler temperatures down here in Ecuador.

The months of May and June have been months of beginning things and taking the initiative. School has begun again and we are slowly settling in to a scheduled life again- we haven’t had that since December when we were home in Canada to visit!

Youth began May 11 and we had a rather smaller turnout this year than others, but that was according to plan. We hope to start slow and build momentum as the year goes on, instead of the other way around. We want to know who are core group is and build into them. We have begun doing this by starting small discipleship groups with the youth who were just baptized. Please pray that this would bear fruit in the youth’s lives and strong friendships would be created, both with each other and more importantly with their Savior!

Jessenia’s mom was here for a short visit and we had a lot of fun exploring Ecuador’s rich nature population by going bird-watching. She also had a chance to meet her sponsor child around the time of the girl’s birthday and so that was special all around. It is always a privilege to bear witness to the friendships that can form between sponsors and their children.

Raul has begun teaching computer class again. As there are no computers just yet, he is teaching from a textbook, but we hope to get the computer lab up and running in the near future and the kids are excited!

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer 

Jessenia and Raúl

Youth leaders at our home.

Youth leaders at our home.

Shirley’s Visit.

Shirley’s Visit.

Youth who are a part of the discipleship studies.

Youth who are a part of the discipleship studies.

How you can pray this week...

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For the last five weeks the group of staff and students pictured above have been on a mission trip in North Africa. They've been meeting and making friends through doing English presentations set up on university campuses, hanging out at popular student spots and hosting students in their apartments. They've been seeking to have spiritual conversations and share the gospel with interested students. 

As I write you I'm sitting at the airport awaiting my flight to join this mission trip for their debrief. For the next week, I have the privilege of helping them process, celebrate and evaluate what God has done on their trip. Here's how you can join me in praying for this time of debrief:

  • Pray for the different components I will be leading -  some prayer times, sharing times, an evaluation time, and an encouragement time.

  • I'll also be meeting one on one with a bunch of staff and students to do their "debrief interview." It's simply going over their answers to a series of questions that help them process their time on the mission trip. 

  • Lastly, pray that jet leg wouldn't get in the way of jumping right into things. And pray that even though I wasn't on the mission trip that I would have wisdom to know what the team needs to debrief and close the trip well. 

Thanks for partnering with me in prayer. Your prayers mean so much.