Jessenia Espinoza - December 2018

Praise:  That Raul's visa came in (a three year multiple entry visa!!) which means we can visit Canada together for the first time; that we are seeing continued growth in some of our older youth at the youth group; for the unity and desire to serve in that small group that is very encouraging; that a girl on our team was recently granted her visa for Ecuador after months of frustrations; that some church issues seem to be settling down.  PRAY:  For wisdom and unity in school leadership as we are going through a process of changing some things in the leadership structure; for Raul and I in our upcoming trip to Canada (Dec 17-Jan 31) - that it would be a refreshing and profitable time; for the youth group while we are gone, that it will continue strong and have good leadership; that school expenses for the month of December would be covered as it is one of our heaviest months as far as finances go.